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How Groove helps Lolly Labs get smiles from customers

Lolly Labs is a small consulting and software development startup best known for Lolly Law Immigration Case Management and Client Bridge. Their mission is to help businesses make better decisions through data. People survive and thrive based on how quickly they can gather actionable insights from information and numbers at hand. Making gut decisions leaves them either lucky or wrong. Lolly Labs makes sure that their customers can leverage their data to provide insights and automation.

We had a great, one hour call with Lolly Labs to talk about common startup challenges, and to learn how Groove has helped them to overcome some of these challenges.

"Life before Groove: Struggling to find the right solution in the sea of help desk software."

As a self-funded startup, Lolly Labs used free Google tools such as Gmail and Spreadsheets to keep track of their sales leads, support issues, and customer feedback. It ended up being a pain when coordinating communication across the team. Emails were getting lost and it was challenging to keep their response time on the level they wanted it to be. “It’s important to us to address our customers’ questions as soon as possible. This was causing issues when using Gmail. We had multiple cases when more than one person would send a similar response to the same email. Other times, emails were just getting lost,” says Todd Levesque, Media and Sales Coordinator at Lolly Labs.

Lolly Labs went on a hunt for a customer service solution that would both match their price point and would give them complete coverage of all their inboxes so that no email would go missing again. “We tried products that included many features like Hubspot or Copper which just ended up being expensive overkills for us. We also did a trial and demo of Freshdesk, and even bought Intercom subscription for a while. Nothing felt right,” says Todd.

“Implementing Groove was easy because it required ZERO training for our team. Within minutes we were all just working and grooving,”

Todd Levesque

Lolly Labs needed to maintain their software products on separate Knowledge Bases. With Intercom, they would not only need to pay for each of the Knowledge Bases but they would also need to maintain them separately. Instead of solving their problems this would just create additional overhead.

But the time was ticking. As demand for Lolly Lab’s products and services increased, they had to quickly find a solution. They wanted something that not only matched their goals but also their beliefs. This is how Groove came into play.

“I knew about Groove because of Alex’s “Startup Journey” blog. It was the hook that kept me coming back for months before I finally said, “I believe what he believes, and I want that!,” says Todd. “I could relate to Alex’s journey and it was a unique connection that I simply didn’t feel with other customer service softwares.”

Finding their “Goldilocks zone” with Groove

Lolly Labs did a trial with Groove and within just a couple of hours decided that this is what they were looking for. They realized that Groove was the only solution that was in their “Goldilocks zone”. It scored highest in their expectations for price, features, and ease of use. Without any training, they could immediately start using Groove.

According to Todd, Groove brought order, ownership, and visibility to their external communication. “Groove has a small footprint and a HUGE impact!,” says Todd. Lolly Labs doesn’t use Live Chat and they primarily rely on email. Despite that, or maybe because of that, they constantly hear from their customers that their customer support is the best. “We really try to relate to our customers and provide them with a personal support experience. We get a lot of kudos for that,” says Todd. When asked how he would assess the impact of Groove on their company, Todd replies, “We measure Groove with smiles. Before we had some and now we have so many.”

"Groove has a small footprint and a HUGE impact!"

Todd Levesque · Sales and Media Coordinator @ Lolly Labs

Next Steps

In the near future, Lolly Labs is planning to expand their existing Knowledge Bases and add new ones, as they continue launching new software products. They will also continue relying on Groove’s Inbox to maintain their excellence in support experience. “We are known by our customers to have the best email support. As our portfolio of solutions grows, it will be critical that we keep our speed and quality,” concludes Todd.

Their favorite Groove features
We asked Chris what were his top 3 favorite Groove features. Here is what he said:

  • Multiple Knowledge Bases
  • SSL support
  • Adding attachments to replies
Lolly Labs

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