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V-Radio With Neil
Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8PM ET
Hosted by Neil Kiernan

Neil Kiernan
Neil Kiernan

My first experience with politics came from long talks with my mother who would often engage with me about politics and history. I thank her for instilling in me a strong sense of justice and freedom. I started out as a fierce independent, because of some of the statements that George Washington made in his farewell address. He talked about the fact that he was very wary of the up and coming political parties, that he felt that it would destroy our democratic process as men started to become more interested in doing what was best for their party, and not their country. I payed close attention to politics but never saw anyone who really stood out. I watched the movie “V for Vendetta” and was inspired to hope for a day when a real leader would come forward to wake people up. Then one day a friend of mine linked a video of Ron Paul debating. And that was what started me on the road to Libertarianism. Eventually I met Senator Mike Gravel, and helped him join the Libertarian party. Shortly afterward he called my house and asked me to join the party with him. My work in his campaign eventually lead to the Michigan Libertarian party asking me to run for Congress.

My show on this network is called V-Radio. Inspired by the movie “V for Vendetta” I take to the airwaves to spread the message that people don't always want to hear. I am a Libertarian, but I am also open minded about political ideologies. As such you will hear guests on my show you probably won't hear on most Libertarian radio shows. I hope for a world where we stop being enslaved by political labels and come together again as AMERICANS to save our country.

My campaign for Congress is ongoing, I will keep running as long as it takes to win. And if I lose my opponent will still have to do whatever it takes to beat me. So they better have a message of freedom or be really good at convincing people they do.

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