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Take Back Our Country With Delia Lopez
Tuesdays 11AM to 1PM ET
Hosted by Delia Lopez

Delia Lopez
Delia Lopez

I'm Delia Lopez a 45 year old mother of 3 and grandmother of 3. My husband and I have built 3 homes and remodeled a dozen. My husband designed and built our homes and used ingenuity to build up a Real Estate portfolio that allows us the time to home school our children and enjoy our garden. We have a horse Ranch and a few chickens for eggs and an orchard and garden. Dee raises medicinal herbs and makes herbals medicines and soap. We also have a hive of bees for honey and pollination.

While we were watching the republican debates, when Ron Paul suggested we should be following the constitution, and the other candidates laughed that was the moment I decided, We the people needed to Take Back our Country! So this is a team effort to return our government to it's constitutional roots. All of the problems our nation is facing would not exist if we had been following our constitution. Listen in as Delia discusses the issues of the day. We must all join together to educate people on what our nation is facing. We must take back our country.

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