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Rex A. Brocki
Rex A. Brocki

I was born (to two dyed-in-the-wool democrat parents, alas) in Los Angeles, California in the spring of 1957. I was identified early for the “MGM” (Mentally Gifted Minor) program… I skipped Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade! I had a career as a child actor, with ten appearances on Art Linkletter’s “House Party” alone. I later appeared on many other shows, often as a “voice over” (they would hire some big, handsome galoot who couldn’t talk for the filming… while I provided the voice. I went into broadcast journalism and announcing while I was still in High School, thinking that a more honorable career than making faces for a living, but I was wrong—I got fired no less than three separate times for the cardinal sin of telling the truth on the air. I also decided that I do not want to be famous, either, so I quit (sigh! The things we do for the R3volution).

I decided that I would become a writer, as that involves much less loss of privacy, and my mother (also a writer), advised me that trying to write about a marksmanship contest when you, the author, are unsure which end of a rifle the bullet comes out of is a colossal waste of time, so I tried to experience as many things as possible… so that I could write about them. I’ve been, among other things, a policeman (both military and civilian), a pilot, an air-traffic controller, an avionics technician, a college instructor, a restaurant owner, and a real estate broker/developer. I married in 1976, had my only daughter in 1978, divorced in 1996, remarried in 2002 (I got it right the second time around, as my 2nd (and last) wife Barbara is a gift direct from heaven). My daughter is married to a nice young man who just got back safely from (shudder) Iraq.

Political History
My campaign for congress in the 4th district of Washington State is cranking up … and you won’t find a stricter constitutionalist than me (you can find one who is as strict as I am, of course… his name is Ronald Ernest Something-or-other, and he lives in Lake Jackson, Texas).

I have been a republican since I heard Goldwater speak at the 1964 Convention, and Reagan’s wonderful “A Time for Choosing” speech (on TV—I wasn’t even old enough to vote, yet!). What really cemented my Republican membership, however, was in my first political science class in college, where I learned that while a typical Democratic voter was barely a high-school graduate on minimum wage, the typical Democratic officeholder was a multiple-PhD. Millionaire! A typical Republican voter and officeholder, on the other hand, had virtually identical demographics! In other words, a typical Republican was a typical Republican—period—whether holding office or not.

My commitment to constitutional money is evidenced by my having been a party—for more than a decade—to the class-action lawsuit filed against the federal government to attempt to force them to resume issuing silver change (in case you never heard of it, our contention was that income taxes and other federal fees were required, by the coinage act of 1792 and other laws, to be paid in “lawful money of the United States,”… and if they weren’t issuing any more gold and silver money, then there wasn’t any lawful money to pay our taxes with, now was there? It was a great Idea, but although we all got a free pass on the years we hadn’t paid taxes, the government virtually ignored our contention when the case was finally decided, as I’m sure will not surprise you).

I worked—hard—for the 1976 Reagan Campaign in California. I was prohibited from working for either the 1980 or 1984 campaigns (not that they needed my help), because I was by then on active duty in the U.S. Air Force, and such activity is forbidden.

I joined the “Regular Air Force,” (I refer to it that way to differentiate myself from the many other politicians—such as my opponent—who joined in the National Guard or Reserve to avoid both the draft and possible active service in a war zone) in 1975, and served on active duty through 31 Aug, 1981. I then joined the Federal Government as a (ugh!) civil servant (fortunately not quite a bureaucrat— I was an air traffic controller and then an avionics technician for the FAA).

During both my military and civilian service (interrupted by several deployments to real, by gum and by golly war zones as part of the “Ready Response Force,” where I joined what Bill Malden called “The Benevolent and Protective Brotherhood of them what has been shot at!”) and later, I attended San Bernardino Valley University College, first on the G.I. Bill and then later, on my own hook, for more than ten years, earning membership in the Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society and a place on the National Dean’s List with my 4.0 GPA (I’m a hopeless geek). I later taught at the same institution as a junior instructor. I say with some pride that I never got a single “B,” “C,” or “D” grade in ANY class (I DID get several “F’s,” but that was because of getting yanked out of class by those aforementioned foreign deployments… and I later replaced them all with “A’s” by repeating the same courses, hence the 4.0 GPA).

I also formed a “Republican Student’s League” at my college, and fought (again, hard) to defeat California’s mandatory Helmet Law as an infringement on personal liberty. We won at least the first two times but finally lost (the powers that be kept bringing it up, and we could only beat it so many times).

My military, and especially, my Federal Civilian service convinced me that, due to the waste and incompetence in the government, it was no career for an honorable person, and I had already decided that most corporations were worse (I had worked for several), so I’ve been self-employed ever since halfway though college (this was how I paid for the second half of my college, in fact). I owned my own restaurant in California for several years, and made good enough money to buy my first new car for cash. I left the business when the entire building lost its biggest tenant, and the owners tried to get the huge former lease payment out of us small operators remaining… I said no thanks. My then-wife and I then went into the real estate business, moving back to Washington from California to practice there, and made really good money, eventually owning not only a real estate practice, but a development company and a storage business as well.

I have worked for the Ron Paul Campaign pretty much since the inception of Ron Paul’s exploratory committee. I “phone-banked” for Dr. Drew Ivers (a wonderful man who cured my last traces of skepticism that a religious person could be a true constitutionalist) in Iowa, and state offices in New Hampshire, Maine, Wyoming, California, Nevada, Massachusetts, Florida, and there are several others, too (things got pretty hectic back around super Tuesday!).

I have also been working (with increasing hours, lately) for both the National “DVDs4Delegates” Project and for the Campaign for Liberty (in case you heard the promotional material on the big screen at the rally for the republic... modest cough... that was my voice).

I was also able, with great pride, to vote practically a straight Constitution Party ticket in the Aug 19th primary in Washington State. The Party did a fantastic job of getting candidates on the ballot in almost every partisan race—and I voted for all of them.

I don’t want this job… but we desperately need to have somebody besides Ron Paul in Congress to teach the rest of those—hooligans—the meaning of “Congress shall make no law…”

Rex A. Brocki
Congressional Candidate, 4th District, State of Washington
Goldwater Republican
Reagan Republican
Ron Paul Republican
Constitutional Republican
Kennewick Office 1(509) 396-6259
Yakima Office 1(509) 654-9649

p.s.: We desperately need help in district 4, the “tri-cites area” (Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland) in the State of Washington (note to out-of-staters: NOBODY in Washington State ever calls it Washington State—it is always referred to as “The State of Washington,”… and we call D.C. “The other Washington!”). We need the kind of grass-roots efforts that we all gave to the Ron Paul Campaign. This is write-in only, and we need sign-waivers, sign planters, signatures, precinct walkers, voter affidavits, EVERYTHING. We have people from out-of-state ready to pour in help over the internet, telephone, even money… but we need BOOTS ON THE GROUND!!

p.p.s.: We also need a constitutionalist to run write-in in every other congressional district in the state! You can turn in your declaration of candidacy, with either $1,652 cash, or 1,652 signatures, as late as the DAY BEFORE THE ELECTION! The (insert foul word or words here) incumbents will never see it coming! I have been saying for a long time (because it’s true!), that almost any, randomly-selected member of the Ron Paul R3volution, or the Constitution Party, is MUCH MORE QUALIFIED to hold a Congressional seat than the poltroons currently occupying those chairs! Find somebody good in your district (hopefully not district four… I’m already here!... but if you find somebody better than me, go for it!), and talk them into running. Heck, call me with their name and number, and I’LL talk them into it!

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