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Keep America Free With Amanda Moore
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Hosted by Amanda Moore

Amanda Moore
Amanda Moore

Amanda Moore was born in Chesapeake Va. "Amanda Victoria" moved to SC at the age of 18. She became an activist in the early 80's on a local level and headed up a successful attempt to get a park and playground on the Island where her young son played football. She also coached cheerleading for her daughter's squad.

Amanda worked hand in hand with both the City of Charleston and the County Planning Commissions to bring a much needed sports center to the Island. She organized a team of concerned parents and coaches and brought a fresh new approach to the local political scene. She and her team did the land research, the demographic research, and brought the two opposing forces of city and county together for the good of the children and was directly involved in the grant research and applications as well as the purchasing and planning of the 33 &1/3 acre park. She worked on the Ravenell campaign in 88, doing some of the grunt work for "Cousin Arthur" After successfully achieving her long term goals for the island, she went into the music scene and began playing the local clubs. She put her first band together, (since the 70's) and called it "Vickie Moore and the Faded Rose Band" (Vickie being a stage name and derived from Victoria). That last about 2 years and she also helped to make ends meet by working as a host for Celebrity Karaoke for almost 5 years. After the 5 year run with Karaoke, she started another band called "Vickie Moore and the Nyce Brothers" Playing with some of the most prominent and talented musicians in town., she got gigs doing Patsy Cline shows around town. When she read Devvy Kidd's booklet, "Why A Bankrupt America" she realized just how bad the government was becoming, she decided to go into research and activism. She left the stage permanently and became an activist full time. Her website is called "Keep America Free" and it has been up for over 12 years. Over the years she has developed her skills by attending several lectures and classes.

Recently, she studied campaigning under some of the brightest, most successful mentors in the political field today. Tom Lizardo of "The Lizardo Group" , (Ron Paul's Chief of Staff) Holly Robichod, (political strategist for several large publications) and Joe Gaylord, (Newt Gingrich's campaign manager). She is now part of the official Alumni of the Leadership Institute in Washington DC and has received her certification in TV and Media training. Amanda worked as the SC Field Coordinator for Ron Paul and is currently involved in the Campaign for Liberty. She is now employed full time by the Baldwin 2008 campaign and actively involved in making strategic decisions as well as being the full time National Research Chairman, working with Chuck Baldwin, Darrell and Joan Castle, and others in the campaign to help bring the freedom message to every home in America. Hosting the Wed. Fri. and Sat. night broadcast for Revolution Broadcasting has given her the opportunity to interview some of the heavy hitters in the freedom movement. She writes poetry for relaxation and is a published poet. She was a Poetry Ambassador for 2 years to the International Poetry Society.

Biography Written By Dana Bradwell, mother of two and Amanda's daughter.

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