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Freedom Fighter Radio With Jim
Mon thru Wednesday 11PM to 1AM & Friday 12AM to 2AM ET
Hosted by Jim Stachowiak

Jim Stachowiak
Jim Stachowiak

I was born in dec 11, 1960 and have been active since the age of 17 as i helped organize the famous Panama Canal protest with hundreds of people lasting a week in Panama. I have been involved in numerous protest over the last 30 years and even have had my home shot up just hours before a anti NAU/NWO protest Aug 17,2007 in Atlanta Ga. I continue to hit the streets and have now started a We Are Change Chapter here in Georgia.

My shows deal with current events.I address issues that endanger our freedoms both foreign and domestic.We are a pro active show and try to get people to take action within the framework of the law. Listen Live to the Voice of Reason - the voice of the Freedom Fighter A powerfully integrative talk show for seekers of liberty, justice and freedom for ALL!

Committed to truth in an uncompromising proactive fashion,Freedom Fighter is not just mere talk, but Action and Activism we encourage citizens to become involved in issues that affect them! With Freedom Fighter, you can speak up and challenge the lies, unconstitutional policies and laws that now endanger our Nation's freedom and sovereignty.

If you're a concerned citizen and deeply worried about where this country is headed politically; the media-ignored threats and the relentless attacks on our freedoms and beliefs, and the taxing of our way of life due to an ever-burdening immigration influx - join the voice of reason at Freedom Fighter Radio today!

While many US Citizens have remained optimistic, it is becoming clearer and clearer that if this country does not WAKE UP soon, life in America, as we know it, will cease to exist. The capability exists that a grassroots organization can be created in order to sustain the civil liberties and preservation of truths and freedoms that all Americans so deserve. Through Freedom Fighter's voice of reason, listeners can broaden GENUINE news sources - unlike mainstream media, Freedom Fighter brings true coverage to the mass population. Freedom Fighter is Pro-Bill of Rights, Pro-Civil Liberties, Freedom Fighter Radio.nets mission is to educate the American public, inform the misinformed, and to promote the principles and values this great country was founded upon!

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