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Constitution Nation With Travis Maddox
Mondays 8PM ET
Hosted by Travis Maddox

Travis Maddox
Travis Maddox

I have been working with Constitutional and Individual Rights groups for over 10 years. I was home educated from the third grade through my senior year after that I choose a career in law enforcement with the desire to serve my community. I quickly became aware that modern law enforcement has nothing to do with serving and everything to do control. I have been part of the Freedom Movement since before it was called that. I serve as the Vice-Chair for the Constitution Party of Missouri, Vice-Chair and co-founder of the Missouri Liberty Coalition and current organizer of the Springfield, MO Campaign for Liberty/Ron Paul Meetup group. I am currently running for US Congress in Missouri’s 7th Dist. with the Constitution Party against neo-con Minority Whip Roy Blunt.

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