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Berks Lebanon Freedom Network Radio
Monday Through Friday 7PM ET
Hosted by Lee and RJ


The Berks Lebanon Freedom Network started out a small dignified radio station right here in good ol' Berks/Lebanon County Pennsylvania. RJ & Lee started the program as a fun way to spread the messsage of truth. Starting out with literally nothing we have grown into the family and are greatful to be apart of their network.

Here at the Berks Lebanon Freedom Network we are a group of people, some local, National and International. The radio station is a way for us to speak out and get active. Groups like WeAreChange, Anti-War activists, Truthers, Environmentalists and anybody else alike are able to come together with ideas and implementation of those values. There are some that say our views do not align, which could not be further from the truth. Truth, thats what were all after. Thats why this is a Network and not just a radio program.

The radio program airs nightly Monday through Friday at 7pm (est) where it is an open forum. We invite guests, deliver news, take calls and have a good time too. We broadcast for 1 hour on / Revolution Broadcasting and

Our primary focus is at the local level. Not just local politics, but building a common community foundation where people can participate in many ways to better the local communities. This is open discussion on topics pertaining anything to local events, news, politics, debating issues, rants and raves are welcome too. We encourage our listeners/viewers to participate in our events and discussions.

RJ comes from Reading Pennsylvania. Born and raised for the most-part right here in Berks County, Pa. RJ is a freelance journalist, talk show host as well as a professional painter. His inspiring foundation gives a real sence to people who really can make a change for the better. Although his antics and loud demineor sometimes are off target, he always brings people toghter and they love him for it.

Lee has been a member of BLFN since the beginning. Without Lee, RJ is just a lost puppy in the woods. He carries a vast amount of knowledge and practicalism that is second to none. Lee is from Womelsdorf, Pennsylvania. His constitutional and tax knowledge is the perfect mix with RJ to make the Berks Lebanon Freedom Network possible.

"If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything"

w/RJ & Lee

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